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Escape - Young People Tell Their Stories

Graphic Novel, Anna Faroqhi

paper back, 144 pages, BeBra Publishing House; edition: 1 (October 2023), language: German, ISBN 978-3-89809-229-6


Rana is 13 years old. She fled Afghanistan together with her family. In Germany, she wants to get the best education possible. 14-year-old Kateryna had to escape the war in Ukraine together with her brother and mother - just like her classmate Kirill. During long walks, talking about themes both of them are too young for, a tender love develops. 17-year-old Sham had to flee three times in her attempt at personal freedom: first from the war in Syria, then from extreme poverty and child labor in Turkey, and finally from an abusive father. Based on true stories, Anna Faroqhi's graphic novel follows the lives of young people who have one thing in common: their hope for a better life.

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