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- Film in Drawings and Title Cards​

by Anna Faroqhi

A portrait of Anna Faroqhi's grandfather, Abdul Qudus Faroqhi. The Indian national went to Germany in the 1920s, studied medicine there also during the Nazi era, married a German woman and started a family.

Only after the war did he leave Germany, went back to India and Indonesia, got caught in civil wars of emerging independent countries, and returned to post-war Germany in the 1950s. The film shows a life in the turmoil of the 20th century and how the concept of finding identity through national affiliation cannot be fulfilled.


Celeste Art Prize 2007

Original Title Ein gewöhnliches Leben Director, Illustrations, Editing Anna Faroqhi Production Anna Faroqhi Filmproduction, Berlin Year of Production 2007 Format mini DV 1:1,66 Length 26 min. First Screening Nov 25th, 2007 Gallery Artneuland Berlin / Tel Aviv

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