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Alone and Apart From the Whole World

During the first outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe in spring 2020 and the following lockdown, the filmmakers initiated a collaborative video diary. They asked friends and collaborators to record and share their observations in images and texts. 
The images show ambulances doing their rounds to get applauded in Spain, empty shelves in supermarkets in Germany and isolated city streets that normally bustle with life. The images as well as written and recorded diary entries talk about isolation, the will to go on and the hope for social, political and economic change. 
The images were taken in Berlin and Brandenburg, in Vienna, Barcelona, and Houston, in France and Israel.


The experimental film was created as an attempt to reach out during a time of social isolation. It is also a document on collective experience.

With texts written by Tanya Berndsen, festival director Film Without Borders e.V., Silvia Wehner, owner of a hairdressing salon in Brandenburg, and Atefeh Kheirabadi, artist from Iran living in Berlin.

The film was made possible thanks to the support of FILM WITHOUT BORDERS Bad Saarow 2020.

Presentations and festival screenings:

Festival Film Without Borders Bad Saarow (18. September 2020)

Selected for Lift-Off Global Network Online Festival, London and Los Angeles ( (January 2021)

Original title Allein und getrennt von der ganzen Welt Narrators Atefeh Kheirabadi, Silvia Wehner, Tanya Berndsen Directors Anna Faroqhi, Haim Peretz Cinematographers Amina Handke, Alidad Jafari, Ana Cuéllar Velasco, Atefeh Kheirabadi, Anna Faroqhi, Christoph Schmidt, Gisela Stelly Augstein, Haim Peretz, Heesook Sohn, Joram Biton, Lea Willeke, Nanette Schumacher, Natsnet Girmay, Nora Krahl, Sarah Bouchet, Stefanie Schlüter, Silvia Wehner, Tanya Berndsen Editor Anna Faroqhi Production Faroqhi Peretz Filmproduktion, Berlin Year of Production 2020 Format digital file, 1:1,66 Length 15'38 min.

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