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Cancer Kung Fu

Graphic Novel, Anna Faroqhi

paper back: 160 pages, bebra publishing house; edition: 1 (23. Oktober 2017), language: German, ISBN-10: 3861247038, ISBN-13: 978-3861247036


How to deal with a cancer diagnosis? How does life change? The essayist Susan Sontag, who suffered from breast cancer, compared the (terminally ill) with the former citizens of a wonderful, happy and free country who had forever lost their passports to the land of the healthy. 


With humor and attention to detail, the narration follows its protagonist through her daily routine as a cancer patient; from the first diagnosis to the end of treatment 1 ½ years later. The character begins as a fear-ridden person in distress and ends up as a heroine who has learned to accept life and to be grateful.


Part of the proceeds from the book goes to the German Ovarian Cancer Foundation.




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