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Rawan Alkhawaja

Verborgene Stimmen Isnisha.jpg

Isnisha Beadini

15 Video Portraits


The video portraits are the result of a video workshop with immigrant women who study German in special classes for mothers (children get childcare) at VHS Neukölln in Berlin. 

The women chose their favorite locations in Bohemian Rixdorf, the nostalgic old center of the district, a place that symbolizes for the successful immigration and integration of Bohemians in the 18thcentury. In the portraits, each woman sings a song or recites a poem of personal importance. A second woman does the camera work.

The films demonstrate the two languages and language levels of the women but also two voices. One of their voices is the voice for the adapted language – simplified, at times maybe childlike, the voice we usually get to know. Their second voice – the hidden voice – is the voice of the first language. It is much deeper, more rooted and rich in undertones. We should know both voices in order to get to know these women.

Funded by Kulturamt Neukölln, Aktion! Karl-Marx-St.

Collaboration: VHS Neukölln, Young Arts Neukölln, Maria Kwaschik, Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine, Henning Vierck

Director Anna Faroqhi, Haim Peretz Cinematography, Sound Haim Peretz, participants Collaborators Isnisha Beadini, Pungothai Saththiyananthan, Marina Kleyn, Jasmine Ghandtchi, Rawan Alkhawaja, Meherun Nessa, Sumathi Thurairasa, Homa Parishanzadeh, Mehrube Ericor, Parisa Parsakia, Safaa Daoud, Khadijeh Farhat, Talia Manor, Safiye Cavus, Dilek Sahin, Language teacher: Jasmine Ghandtchi Editor Anna Faroqhi

Production Anna Faroqhi Film Production Year of Production 2008 Format data file 1:1,33 (filmed on miniDV) Length 38 min. First Screening May 2012, Festival 48 hours Neukölln, Berlin

Verborgene Stimmen Safiye.jpg

Safiye Casus

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