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Former street children demand their right to participate. They initiate the architectural expansion of a memorial for a Nazi concentration camp.


Piet, Dennis and Hugo are residents of a housing project for homeless and addicted young people in Brandenburg. Together with a social worker, a historian and an architect, they plan and build a symbolic grave on the memorial site of a Nazi extermination camp near their own lodgings. After an attack on the memorial, they aim to resist prejudice and to state their own position.


The film observes conversations and interactions between the young people and the experts. Practical research on the history of the site results in a memorial that can be used in a participatory way. Topics such as the meaning of form, placement and gestures are being discussed. The young people create something new: they re-define commemoration for their generation on their own.


filmed at the Justus-Delbrück-Haus I Academy for Co-determination Jamlitz Train Station as well as on the Jamlitz Concentration Camp Memorial Site 

Produced as part of the youth program of FILM OHNE GRENZEN e.V.

Presentations and screenings:

Justus Delbrück House | Academy for Co-Determination. Jamlitz railway station, on the 78th commemoration of the first transport of Jewish prisoners on 5. 6. 1944 from Auschwitz to the concentration camp Lieberose, June 12, 2022 (

Lausitzer Filmschau @ Film Festival Cottbus, Germany, November 8, 2022,

Youth History Convention, Potsdam, Germany, November 12, 2022 (

Black Cat Award International Film Festival, La Paz, Bolivia, finalist, November 11, 2022,

Urban Visions Festival, Bologna, Italy, Finalist, November 24-27, 2022,

Grand Pixel International Film Festival, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India, Finalist, August 2023,

Best International Film Festival Bucharest, Romania,

Independent Film Awards – Leeds, Scottland / United Kingdom – 20. August 2023, Honorable Mention

World Record Film Festival – Jaipur, India, 24. August 2023, Official Selection

Monthly Future of Film Awards – Ohrid, Mazedonia, 31. August 2023, Best Documentary Short

First Monthly Film Festival – Belgrade, Serbia, 31. August 2023, Best Documentary

Moscow Jewish Film Festival - Moskow, Russia, 3. – 10. September 2023, Official Selection

Paris Awards Film Festival – Paris, France, 10. Februar 2024, Official Selection

BTU Cottbus – Screenings for students, 23. Januar 2024

London Director Awards 2024 – London, United Kingdom, 16. February 2024, Finalist

Main Award Lausitzer FilmSchau, Nov. 2022,

MIFF Award for "Best Documentary Short" at MOKKHO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL; Pondicherry, India, January 2023,

Original Title Gedenken Collaborators Dennis Wajda, Piet Paco, Hugo, Andreas Weigelt, Anett Quint, Martin Bennis, Sabine Felber Directors Anna Faroqhi, Haim Peretz Chinematographer Haim Peretz Editing Anna Faroqhi Production Faroqhi Peretz Filmproduktion, Berlin Year of Production 2022 Format Data file, 1:1,66 Length 18 min.

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