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The 4th of July

experimental short


Anna Faroqhi

Not an ordinary day in New York, not an ordinary day in a relationship. The film shows documentary images of the preparations and celebration of Independence Day in New York. On the sound level, a woman (voice: Cynthia Beatt) tells of the end of a relationship.

Faroqhi shows pictures of New York just before the fall of the Twin Towers. Since then, the images have lost their innocence. Police barriers, fire trucks and explosions are charged with new meaning by the events of history.


Director Anna Faroqhi Cinematography Ondine Rarey, Rudolf Blanke, Anna Faroqhi Narration Cynthia Beatt Music Anton Webern Editing Anna Faroqhi Production Anna Faroqhi Film Production Year of Production USA and Germany 2002 Format digital file (from super8mm and video), 1:1,33 Length 14 min. First Screening International Film Festival Rotterdam January 2002

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