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3 Songs

silent film with music


Anna Faroqhi

A grieving woman at the grave of her lover; a love tragedy that takes place on a fun fair; the miracle of a newborn. Faroqhi creates timeless silent film miniatures after Schumann songs to Heine lyrics and sings herself. A tribute to early film.


Nominated for First Step Award 2003.

International Rotterdam Film Festival, January 2023,

Director Anna Faroqhi Cinematography Til Maier Cast Rita Lengyel, Adrian Topol, Valeska Hanel, Tilo Werner, Yangzom Brauen, Lars Rudolph, Rosalba Faroqhi Music Robert Schumann Piano Babett Grawitter Voice, Editing Anna Faroqhi Production Anna Faroqhi Filmproduction, HFF München Year of Production 2003 Format 16mm, 1:1,33 Length 7 min. First Screening Film Festival Münich 2003

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