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Variations On The Everyday

Video essays in drawings and title cards

Stereo channel installation, part of a drawing work, graphite and watercolor on paper, variable formats


Anna Faroqhi

Variations On The Everyday  II: Films That Could Not Be (video, 8 ')

Variations On The Everyday III: Drawing Films (video, 7 ')


Two films illustrate in drawings and title cards walks in the Berlin workers' district of Neukölln. The buildings and their invisible history are the protagonists of the video essays.


The focus of the video Drawing Films lies on the present time appearance of buildings and the significance of each location for the narrator. 

Films That Could Not Be thematize in black-and-white drawings the history of the expulsion and extermination of Jewish citizens during the Nazi era.


The story of the buildings is no longer visible. If it were not for some plaques and Stolpersteine (memorial stones) the history of the houses would be invisible. To make it visible again, you have to do research. The film investigates the history of a few buildings, tells stories about eviction, murder, resistance and hope. 

The invisible history is documented in drawings, not in filmed images.

The drawings Variations On The Everyday I, which are part of the installation, show still lifes from everyday life in Faroqhi's home.



Commissioned by Manifesta 07.


Part of the collection: Academia dei visioneri, Tullio Leggeri, Bolzano.





Director, Drawings, Editing Anna Faroqhi Sound mute Production Anna Faroqhi Film Production Year of Production 2008 Format Data file, 1: 1,33 (created in miniDV) Length Video Loop, (11 min. and 10 min.) First Screening July 19 – Nov., 2008, Manifesta 07, Bolzano

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exhibition views Manifesta 07, Bolzano

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