Arsenal Film Studio LIGHT

Series of artistic workshops


In six artistic film workshops, students from various schools experimented with the artists of the Arsenal Film Studio on the subject of light and film. Faroqhi and Peretz conducted two artistic workshops in this series.


The Arsenal Film Studio is a network of freelance filmmakers who want to share their knowledge of film in a vivid, sensual way. Early film and experimental film from the archives of the Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art e.V. are an important base for inspirations and didactic approaches.


Faces Made Of Light (Lichtgesichter)


In April 2015, Faroqhi and Peretz worked together with 4th grade students at Konrad Agahd Elementary School Berlin. For a week, the 10 and 11 year olds became film researchers, built optical devices to capture light on paper, got to know a light technician and created a temporary darkroom in the basement of the school.

The work resulted in the short documentary Lichtgesichter (2015, 12min. HD).


The Light


As in the early days of cinema, Faroqhi and Peretz developed a short feature film with 7th and 8th graders of the Anna Seghers Community School. For four days, the cinema Arsenal and its surroundings at the Potsdamer Platz became filming locations. The students wrote the screenplay, were actors and camera operators. The outcome – a fantasy science fiction adventure - was screened at Cinema Casablanca by the end of the week.

The Light (2015, 12min., HD) is a silent movie with music.


Films produced for the project Arsenal Film Studio LICHT

1. "Scratched Light 1" (16mm) & "Shadow Play 1" (16mm),

Picasso elementary school (workshop direction: Ute Aurand & Robert Beavers)

2. "Faces Made of Light" (video), Konrad Agahd Elementary School

(Workshop direction: Anna Faroqhi & Haim Peretz)

3. "Scratched Light 2" (35mm), "Shadow Play 2" (16mm),

Primary school in the Hofgarten (workshop direction: Ute Aurand & Robert Beavers)

4. "The Light" (Video) Anna Seghers School

(Workshop direction: Anna Faroqhi & Haim Peretz),

with live soundtrack by sonONOlux (Eunice Martins & Laura Mello)

5. "Scratched Light 3" (16mm), "Shadow Play 3"

Anna-Seghers-Schule (workshop direction: Ute Aurand & Robert Beavers)


Arsenal - Institute of Film and Video Art: Milena Gregor

Conception & Film Education: Stefanie Schlüter

Filmmakers / Artists: Ute Aurand, Robert Beavers,

Anna Faroqhi, Haim Peretz, Eunice Martins, Laura Mello



A project of the Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art e.V.

Funded by the Berlin Project Fund for Cultural Education and

the program Cultural Agents for Creative Schools

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