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Anna Faroqhi

900 drawings, graphit on paper, DIN A4, 2009 - 2011

Drawing Bergman - Drawing Bogart

Stereo-channel-installation, HD, silent, 11’, video loop

For this project, I drew the first picture of each take of the movie classic Casablanca. A drawing represents a take. I wanted to investigate what happens when a movie - first designed as a script, then sketched in storyboard, finally shot and edited - becomes a drawing again. I was interested in looking at a film, frame by frame (about 800 – 900 for a film from the 1940s), with the goal of gaining new insight through close scrutiny.


In the video installation Drawing Bergman – Drawing Bogart the drawings become film again. The narrations of the movie’s main characters Elsa and Rick, impersonated by Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart, are being followed in a montage. The narrations of the characters seem to be independent of each other. The protagonists encounter each other only in shot / counter shot situations. In the flashbacks alone, the couple seems united - in the wide angle frames of the film and in their stories.

(Anna Faroqhi, Jan. 2011)

Casablanca 02a.jpg
Casablanca 06.jpg
Casablanca 02.jpg
Casablanca 07.jpg
Casablanca 03.jpg
Casablanca 02b.jpg
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