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Documentary by Anna Faroqhi

During a journey through Israel the author documents various forms of settlement in Israel. The house is for her a manifestation of a concept of life. The documentary gives insights into the history and sociology of a diverse country. Manifold life designs and architectures exist closely next to each other, often ignoring each other, more often fighting each other. Individual life plans, socialist kibbutz dreams gone capitalist as well as shtetl settlements of orthodox Jews are being shown. Counter-concepts are the dwellings of Palestinians, Bedouins and Thai seasonal workers in their improvised huts made from wood, tin and plastic sheets.

With funds from the Filmboard Brandenburg and ZDF / 3sat.


Original Title Das Haus und die Wüste Director Anna Faroqhi Cinematography Til Maier Sound Haim Peretz Narrator Jenny Perlin
Music Benjamin Rinnert Editing Anna Faroqhi Production Anna Faroqhi Filmproduction, Berlin Year of Production 2005
Format mini DV 1:1,66 Length 57 Min. First Broadcast 22. Mai 2005 ZDF/3sat

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