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Telling it the Way I Want

Waed has worked as a nurse during a two-year siege in the Syrian war. She films and portrays Reza from Afghanistan who escaped poverty and forced deportation. Maral from Iran narrates about her escape from a forced marriage. Wanissou from Benin fled his hometown as a 13-year-old and talks about his first steps into independence in Germany.

Four refugees tell their stories and find their own way to narrate them in words, music, photography. The stories were developed during two 4-day projects at a refugee hostel in Bad Saarow.



Portraits of: Waed Mahfoud, Reza Rezaie, Maral Erfanian, Wanissou Bounou

Commissioned by Festival Without Borders Bad Saarow


Original title  Idea, Director Anna Faroqhi, Haim Peretz Cinematographer Haim Peretz, Waed Mahfoud, Maral Erfanian  Editor Anna Faroqhi Music Eunice Martins, Laura Mello (with: Reza, Maral, Wanissou, Ferdinand/Romarique, Ahmad, Ibrahim, Ismail, Issa, Waed, Kadijeh)
Production Faroqhi Peretz Filmproduktion, Berlin Premiere Festival Without Borders, Bad Saarow 7. Sept. 2018

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