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Multi-media installation, various formats, 2017


Anna Faroqhi & Haim Peretz

in collaboration with Mohammad Stas

The work Translation collects current stories of flight and displacement. Memories of refugees at individual stages of their journey are transferred through video, photography, music, text, and drawing into other narrative modes that give aesthetic form to the emotional impressions and traumatic experiences. Various people take part in this artistic translation process, recreating the process of escape graphically and cinematically, slipping into the role of the protagonists as speakers, or performing their story in song. Through this artistic transfer, new perspectives and details reveal unexpected facets of the experience of having to flee.


Exhibition at Saalbau Gallery, Berlin  from 18 November 2017 to 14 January 2018


Film screening at gallery

Thursday, 21 December, 12 pm to 14 pm

Short Film Programme curated and guided through by pupils from the Konrad Agahd School.


Workshops and artist tours with various participants


The work consists of following video-installations


To record and to remember, 3-channel video installation based on three stories, 2017

Jacob’s grueling flight from Eritrea lasted five years. Only then he could begin to build up a

life in Rackwitz, near Leipzig. He sings his story, accompanying himself on the traditional


Zeynab and Amin, from Iran, took photographs during their journey. But there are no

pictures of the dangerous border crossings and the passage across the Mediterranean.

The Mottaweh family fled from Syria. The children narrate and translate for their

father. They made drawings of their journey.

Lana, 2017

Lana, her husband, Didar, and their son, Layad, fled from the Kurdish part of Iraq.

During their journey their cellphone was stolen, with all their photographs.

Lana’s Story, 2017

Pupils from the Konrad Agahd School give back the stolen pictures in a drawn film.


Mustafa, 2017

Mustafa, from Aleppo, Syria, fled from torture and military service. He tells his story in a friend’s apartment in Delitzsch, near Leipzig.

Mark Waschke reads Mustafa‘s Story, 2017

The actor Mark Waschke reads Mustafa’s story in a room in the Galerie im Saalbau Neukölln.


Hanin, 2017

Hanin didn’t want her face to be seen on camera. We see her hands drawing and her daughter playing.

Ruth Rosenfeld interprets Hanin‘s Story, 2017 

The singer and actor Ruth Rosenfeld interprets Hanin’s story in a sound document.

View project catalogue below or click here to download.

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