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You Are Different You Belong

During a project in May 2015, students of a 9th grade at the Carl-von-Ossietzky-Gemeinschaftsschule wrote and filmed short-film scenes about the theme belonging and exclusion. The scenes are connected with the immediate everyday life of the students.


The film You Are Different You Belong (2015, 12 'HD) is the outcome of the work process and was screened at Arsenal Cinema in June 2018.


You Are different You Belong (2015), 12 'HD

Commissioned by Cultural Agents for Creative Schools


Examples of scenes


I walk through the corridors, I hear my teachers say that I'm bad and that I'm naughty, but I do not say anything because I have to respect the teachers, but they're mean and they're telling each other nasty things about me, who does not have the power to even speak up for himself.

(Text anonymous)



I quarrelled with a girl in my class because she pushed me and did not want to apologise. I insulted her as ... (you have to find an expression that you are allowed to hear in the film!). And was gone. When I was back in class after the break everyone was against me. They pushed me around, yelling at me, insulting me. Some just sat in their place and looked at me. I did not care and sat down.

After the lesson, I went to the girl who had pushed me and managed to talk to her. I was very calm and asked her what it was she had against me. We clarified the dispute and she promised to be nicer in the future.

(Text by Alexsandra)



I go to the yard and see my bros sitting on the bench. I walk up to them and hear that they are talking about the new Call of Duty game. I listen to learn more about the game. When I ask about some details they all look at me as if I had nothing to say in this world. Then one of my buddies explains the game and mentions that this works only with the PS4 gaming station and asks if I had one. I am so ashamed that I do not have one and tell them that I was on my way to get one anyway and leave. 

At home I instantly address my mother. 

Me: I was with my friends and they mentioned something about a PS4 station and a COD game. "

Mother: And what about it?

Me: I wanted to ask you, because I'm already 14, if I can get myself a PS4 station with the game?

Mother: Mohammed, we have already discussed that - I will not get you these war games!


1 year later on Muhammad's birthday.

Mother: Congratulations, Mohammed.

Me: Wow, thanks, a PS4 station with a Cod!

(Text by Koray)

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